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brittany & jacob • we’re getting married!

brittany & jacob

we’re getting married!

Picture of Brittany and Jacob

Photos of the wedding and all other events are finally up and available to view! We’re mostly settled in our new home in Denver, and even added an amazing puppy to our new family. (See him in the photos section!) Thank you for all your well-wishes, it was incredible to have so many of you at our wedding!

June 2, 2007


Portland, Oregon


June 2, 2007


Ecotrust Rooftop

Portland, Oregon


June 2, 2007


Ecotrust Rooftop

Portland, Oregon

Wedding Shower

March 10, 2007


Thank You to Annie!

Dallas, Texas

Bachelor/ette Party

May 31, 2007


Meet up at the Ace Hotel

Portland, Oregon

Rehearsal Dinner

June 1, 2007



Portland, Oregon


Maid of Honor

Becca Binford

Sister of the Bride

Best “Man”

Ellen Piper Reiff

Sister of the Groom

Picture of Ellen, Jacob, Brittany and Becca

While you’re here you’ll need a place to stay so we’ve locked in some special rates at a few of our favorite hotels. Each of these are walking distance from the events of the weekend and right between the Pearl District and downtown.

Book before May 2, by phone, and let them know you’re with the Binford/Reiff wedding to get the block rate.

Hotel Lucia
Portland’s hippest hotel, Lucia is the place to relax and surround yourself with cool modern design in the heart of the city. There’s nothing else like it in town.

Ace Hotel
A hotel where mingling is highly encouraged, we are so excited about Portland’s newest hotel. It’s a little artsy, a little rock-and-roll, simple, stylish and not too expensive.

The Governor Hotel
Soak in a bit of history at this newly remodeled Portland luxury landmark. Think earth tones and classic elegance in a great location.

Also not too far: Marriott Portland City Center, Days Inn Portland City Center

registered at:

Crate and Barrel, Design Public, Macy’s, Target

Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding & Reception
Photos by Stickeen Photography
Contact us for the password to the Stickeen Web Gallery.

Additional Photos taken by us and our friends—click each thumbnail to view a slideshow

  1. AdamD

    Congrats you two. Lovey and cheesy it up!

  2. amanda

    you guys!!! i’m so happy for you! let me know when you set the date, and brit, if you want me to come up and take bridal portraits, just say the word (please can i?). ;) yay!!!!!!

  3. Cousin Steph

    ADORABLE! Wow, nice place too! :)

    I’m so psyched for y’all.

  4. adrienne

    Hell yeah!!!!!! I have never seen such smiles!!

  5. Annie

    Congratulations! Jacob, what took you so long?? You make an adorable couple and the ring looks beautiful!

  6. Whitney

    I am so happy for you two. You make a gorgeous couple! Congratulations!

  7. "Mama Anne"

    Congratulations! And may I say, “It’s about time!” I am very happy for you and look forward to being a guest at your wedding. It’s great to see two of my favorite thespians smiing and happy! Love you both!

  8. dan st

    !!! way to go !!!
    you two look so happy.

  9. Murry

    YAY!!!! Congrats you two- I’m so happy for ya’ll and I’m in love with the pics! This website is adorable and I’m so glad you are going to be keeping us posted on this coming year- I just love it!!! miss ya’ll, xoxo

  10. Anne

    I am so excited for you both!!! I think we all knew this was coming someday - but I’m so glad it’s finally here!! I can’t wait to hear all the stories and details of your plans - Congrats and keep us all posted!!

  11. Marybeth

    Wow!!! This seems so sudden. Are you two sure you’re not rushing into things? Congratulations! I love you both!!!
    ps-it’s about time ;)

  12. Catia

    Yay! I think this is all very fabulous. And Britt, you already have a dress! I mean, you’ll just wear the one from graduation, right? OK, fine, you can borrow mine…

  13. Cousin Pamela

    heck yeah!!!!!!

    now can he come over for thanksgiving?!?

  14. tc turner

    you finally manned up to that wonderful woman and took the plunge. im very proud of you. it’s a wonderful occasion i wish i could share w. ya’ll in person. you have my full love and support.

    what the hell are you thinking? are you sure?? i mean, seriously, jacob?
    love you both. we’ll be in touch soon!

  15. evan

    Awesome! ABOUT TIME JACOB!!! Congrats to both of you. The photos are beautiful. Please keep me posted. Hope to see you guys soon.

  16. Erin and Mike

    We are so happy for you guys, congratulations!!! So we’ll expect the invitation four years from now? Just had to add to the jokes, you both look blissful and beautiful! :)

  17. Alexis from Texas

    I thought I was going to get married to Jacob…Damn, Brit. Well whatever. I guess you two are more suited for each other:-) I have loved watching the evolution of your love over the last few years. Your simple enjoyment in each other, your trust in your relationship, and your coupled ambitions are truly inspiring. I love you both very much and can’t wait to come to the wedding. It’s going to be open bar, right? Just kidding, I’ll do anything I can to help. Shoot, I could even usher if needed!

  18. Nate

    Its about time!! Congrats to the both of you. Great place for a proposal Jacob. You da man. So excited for the both of you. Keep me updated.

  19. Cliff

    I think you made her day, Jacob. ;)


  20. Sydney

    Congratulations!! I’m sooo happy and excited for you both!! Great website & pics by the way…Jacob I should’ve known you’d take the whole thing to the next level :)

  21. Mom and Dad Reiff

    We are very happy for you both - welcome to the family Brittany - we love you!

  22. Mom and Dad Binford

    WE FINALLY CAN SAY…”WE HAVE A SON!!!!!” We LOVE you both and are so happy for you!!

  23. Sharon and Kip

    Finally…FINALLY! AND you two celebrated your joyful occasion in “our” special place—Astoria! We are so excited for you…and look forward to toasting to your happiness! much love!

  24. Kristin

    I am so excited for the two of you - I wish you all the happiness in the world. Jacob - NICE job on the ring…..Love it.

  25. Lizzie

    Congratulations!! Your photos are adorable and Astoria looks like such a beautiful place to get engaged! I’m so excited for you both - I hope you enjoy planning the big event!

  26. epr

    All I have to say is, GORGONZOLA!!!!(followed by the HIGHEST of high kicks of course)

    ~I simply could not have a cooler Sister-in-Law~

    Love you guys.

  27. Birthday Twin

    *gha!* marriage! marriage is what bwings us togevah today…
    i’m so happy for you guys! does this mean he’s coming home for christmas eve? : )

  28. Chris

    Jacob and Brittany,
    I am thrilled for you both and can’t wait to hear all the details of the wedding!!! Soooo, come on….what are they? Date, place? at least what continent!Love you! Chris

  29. Barb A.

    Congratulations to two wonderful people! And by the way, you picked the best state to start a new life!!! May you have many, many years of happiness together.

  30. Kathe

    Hey Jacob,
    Congratulations to you both. What a beautiful couple!
    Haven’t seen you in so many years so it’s nice to keep up via photos. Best of luck!
    Your mom’s friend
    Kathe in Mississippi

  31. Janet - Anne's mom

    Anne sent me the wonderful news and the great pictures!! You two look soooo happy together and I’m soooo happy for you! Congratulations! Marriage is a wonderful adventure - enjoy! You look so happy - it is great to see it!

  32. aunt andi

    Life and love are an adventure.
    Be good to each other and the trip will be breathtaking.

    Looking forward to meeting you Brittany. My special nephew has good taste.

  33. Becca Binford

    WooHoo!! im erksitud (trying my best to bring texas slang back) anywhoo- yay- can’t wait for the celebration- w00t (now im bringin the nerdcore back for j) hrm i feel i need to be the end all say all on all of the planning mmk? haha alright well enjoy, talk to you guys soon

  34. Audrey

    You both look so happy and ready for that forever step! CONGRATS. I know Momma Binford is so proud!

  35. Kay

    Congratulations you two and I will have to chime in with everyone else–it’s about time!! I’m so happy for you. Does this mean you might be spending a bit more time in Dallas? The pictures are fabulous! Love to you both!

  36. Megan

    Wow!! Congratulations to you both! It seems like yesterday we were taking prom pictures together. I think Cathy’s idea for the dress is great. -way to be economically minded! I’m so happy for you guys, and from the pictures it looks like Oregon is treating you very well. Congrats!

  37. Nyco

    I love how Jacob told us. Ran into him at random downtown; he was dressed to go to the gym, hat and all. He was like “What’s up?” And we were like “Nothing, how about you?” And he was all like “Going to work out–oh and I proposed” He surprised me so much that I smacked him and yelled “SHUT UP” And then I got a little teary.

  38. adrienne

    I forgot to mention that I am a wedding photographer now, and I live in Austin!!!!!

    Just a very un subtle wink!!!

  39. Matthew

    I just wanted to say congratulations to you both, and the pictures are great!

  40. Kevin Hedican

    Congratulations you guys! Jacob, your dad shared this website with me…awesome. He and your mom are so excited for you both and are looking forward to the big event. Best wishes for your life together as one.